Saturday, December 17, 2011

don't get me wrong

really really long time im not blogging right.yeah actually not really long i'll know i'll know.But yeah feel like too fast a time passed kan .from january and now dec really fast laa.yeah im here face my life very well actually not really well just oke laa. lumrah laa kan hidup banyak ujian.and i'll still try to make me be mature :pp .and stil try to improved my conversation in english yeah i'll have to make everything complete in my life , it's not easy kan i know but if we really want to making sure have the way to be making.

disebabkan telalu taklamasangat tak update , so actually i have many story . tapi cerita sikit sikit sudah laa kan.

A long time ago ! hehe. actually i'll have a roommate ,actually she a good one and a pretty one yeah all a guy-college know that (wah famous sangat ke .:P) actually i'll dont care about that .but sometime she like aarrggg like a selfish one.
it's okay if her want to be a famous killer one it's not effect to me or else but please dont be a SELFISH or annoying.oke semua tu tak terjadi kat korang terserah laa korang nak cakap apa pun kan ,tapi semua tu jadi kat was like aarrgg letih laa kalau setiap hari macam ni dah laa satu rumah . i have to face her everyday you know. if you pretty ever sekali pun tapi arrogant semacam tak ada makna juga kan. oke i've to be a patient,everyday i talk to myself to be patient . i could be crazy laa macam ni kan .
if have assignment to have do by group she will take over everything lepas tu cakap tak ada kerjasama uhh you so ****** . oke if you want to be bijak pandai seorang just go on like i'll care but please jangan nak burukkn org sgt laa.something she like kids,mengada-ngada . girl we not you boyfriend or maid yg nak layan kerenah kau jee. attention please.
oke this my 1st story actually , for 2nd or so ever nanti nanti laa ye saye cerite . dah letih dah ['.']'

oke akhir kate hope have a good life and making everything complete . tak sabar nak masuk 2012 .uhh i cant wait.
banyak benda nak buat dengan 2012. what important pastikn buka buku baru ye for 2012 me too :p.
my friend said tak sabar nak tunggu 31dec2011 actually this date her will move from tak cukup umur to be a mature one . oke last for me HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my loving girlfriend :PPP .

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